how it works

The answer could be the Fresh Start program, a medically proven medication-assisted treatment program for reducing alcohol consumption. Some people also use the Sinclair Method for assistance in reducing their consumption, and then stopping altogether.

We offer a medically proven treatment to help you find success.

Total sobriety can be very difficult and expensive to achieve. AA and other 12 step programs have a success rate of less than 20%. Private treatment facilities can be enormously expensive, often costing thousands per month, with no better outcomes than 12 Step Programs.

For many people, controlling your drinking might be as easy as taking a pill before you drink.

By adhering to a protocol of taking a single dose of low-dose Naltrexone an hour before you start drinking, only on days you drink, a large majority of people are able to reduce their alcohol consumption over time. And for people that want to stop drinking altogether, after moderating over time, many of them are able to achieve total abstinence from alcohol.